The minimum wage made unemployment worse during the Great Depression

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Excellent article

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Minimum wage laws also extended the Depression. That from Amity Shlaes, in The Minimum Wage Makes Depressions Worse. (cross post from Outrun Change.)

In a lousy economy, forcing wages above the value of the output makes employment worse. When there is currency deflation the effect is compounded. Adding another layer of minimums every couple of years and slowly gathering more employers into the minimum wage rules further compounds the effect.

If you can’t afford the staff you have, and you can’t reduce wages, what options are left? Lay off more employees. Shrink your company.

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These People Call Themselves “Conservative”

Ugh, reading this smug article and the smug comments section was almost too much to bear. You know the real reason the Left has been winning elections? The Left doesn’t throw their own under the bus for being “too liberal.” Liberals like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid say ridiculous things on almost a daily basis but you don’t see liberals in the media mocking them and marginalizing them. In fact, they are heroes to the Left. You may not agree with the way Palin presents the conservative message but it obviously connects with a good chunk of the base. Is the GOP and conservatism in general in such good shape that people in the establishment media like The American Conservative and NRO and GOP leadership should be mocking and pushing a good portion of the votership away in order to make yourselves look good to people who will never vote Republican anyway? I’d say the answer is probably “no.”

Rep. Keith Ellison likens pro-amnesty fasters to Rosa Parks

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This has to be the dumbest protest ever. What do they expect us to
say? “Oh no!!! We will allow criminals to become citizens if you don’t
starve yourself of your own free stupid will!!!!” Oh yeah, we will get right on that….

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We don’t quite see the parallel that Rep. Keith Ellison does. Rosa Parks was alone in her brave act of civil disobedience in 1955. The “Fast for Families” protesters who have set up in tents on the National Mall, on the other hand, have been visited personally by President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, and Rep. Nancy Pelosi and received a letter of support from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

Not to mention that these activists are urging Congress to approve amnesty and eventual citizenship for immigrants who are residing in the U.S. illegally, while immigrants going through legal channels are the ones being sent to the back of the bus.

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Cretinous: How twisted ingrates ‘honor’ Veterans Day

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When I think about the kind of people these men and women were that had character and a sense of honor to lay down their own life to protect the freedoms we enjoy then I see these ingrate layabouts with a worthless college degree with their heads filled with anti-American garbage who aren’t worth the 75 cent condom their parents broke in order to get them into the world having the gall to trash them. It makes me sick.

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The soulless, it scorches. As the sane honor our brave veterans, the cretinous offer their despicable and stomach-turning thoughts.

Oh, well. No disrespect or anything.

For shame.

This Twitter user nutshelled it last year.

Our courageous veterans fought so that these ingrates would remain…

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Robert Reich claims more anger and division in US than during ‘commie witch hunts'; Knows why

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Yes because the Reagan years of revitalized economy and the end of the Cold War belongs in the same category as wars and scandals.

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Short version: If the rich had less money the world would be happier.

How much money has been spent in the last few decades on the “war on poverty”? Reich’s “solutions” are usually to do more of what didn’t work the first time or have been tried and failed miserably elsewhere.

The problem isn’t about shrinking shares, but increasing government-induced burdens. And that’s thanks partly to the “borrow, tax, borrow, spend, borrow, repeat” cycle of bloated government endorsed by Reich that is burying current and future Americans in debt and job-killing laws and regs.

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