‘Crowd sourcing love’: Twitter rallies to raise funds for daughters of conservative blogger Caleb Howe


Charles Barkley agrees with Zimmerman verdict, dings media for fomenting racialism [video]

I agree with most of what he says except that I don’t think Zimmerman was racially profiling. Everything though he says about the media and bringing out the racism in both sides is spot on. If it didn’t advance the ‘evil white man’ narrative we never would have even heard of it.

Mainstream media rejoice! Trayvon Martin riots are finally here!!

Congratulations race hustlers.

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As I was heading home from work tonight, I passed a more than a dozen Trayvon Martin protesters leaving the local  7-11. They had just purchased every last pack of Skittles, the same candy Martin had bought before his fateful brush with George Zimmerman.


That was about three hours ago, and now downtown Crenshaw District is in chaos.  I’m going to see if they’re still in the Valley to see what they’re up to; peacefully protesting, or using the Martin death as an excuse to cause mayhem.

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I’ve decided that since I can only handle so many bitchy posts about RINOs and Obama that I would share a few things going on in my life right now.  I live on a farm in Southern Illinois that I run with my brother and my uncle which me and my brother took over from my dad who passed away from cancer a couple of years ago.  I take care of most of the business operations.  It is probably a better use of my business degree than crop adjusting was which was my previous job that I did for 5 years.  Anyway, the farming is not going so great right now because we still have around 400 acres of beans to plant before the July 15th cut-off date even though it has rained around 10 inches in the past week and a half.  I’ve kind of started this blog to keep me busy and funnel my bitchiness into a healthier expression than, say, punching my younger brother.  I’m new to this so bear with me. I find that I do better by responding to questions and comments than trying to come up with topics out of thin air so if any of you has a question or suggestion then feel free to comment below or drop me a line. 


Don’t Be Discouraged

The picture that the MSM is trying to paint us is a bleak one.  They prop up the fringe left as if they are the norm. They want us to be discouraged, give up, then shut up. The truth is they are ratcheting things up because they are terrified of us otherwise you wouldn’t have things like today where they push certain parts of Obamacare until after the election. That is not the actions of a party who thinks they can win the 2014 mid-terms. Most people, good people, try to stay away from politics and are not well-informed then they listen to the media that tells them the GOP are evil bastards. We MUST keep trying to reach these people. Most have bought into the Obama hype but with everything happening they are starting to wake up slowly. We can’t give up or lose hope otherwise they really have won.