6 simple things parents can do in the wake of massacres without government

A good article to read in light of the Navy Yard shooting


Robert Reich claims more anger and division in US than during ‘commie witch hunts’; Knows why

Yes because the Reagan years of revitalized economy and the end of the Cold War belongs in the same category as wars and scandals.

Obama to present Bill Clinton and Oprah Winfrey with Presidential Medal of Freedom

What is with the world’s fascination with Oprah? This woman is nothing but a phony new age moronic platitude generator who somehow conned millions of bored housewives into buying her BS. I honestly want to puke when she talks about ‘spirituality’ with the flavor-of-the-month guru whose book she happens to be reading. I see this woman hob-nob with Eric Holder and talk about Trayvon Martin not being any different than a black kid decades ago who was killed by white supremacists and I realize that she really is no different than every other airheaded liberal celebrity who has ever stood before a microphone. Add your thoughts here… (optional)

The Left owns Twitter? Connected conservatives set Rush Limbaugh straight

This is nothing new. If you listen to Rush regularly he often states why he doesn’t like Twitter or other social media and although I personally believe he is wrong he does make some good points. He mainly doesn’t like social networks because it makes people famous for basically nothing, they have done nothing to earn that fame. They don’t work hard, hone their talents, and get recognized for it but instead do something stupid or say something sarcastic on a social website then get ‘likes’ and ‘retweets’ for instant gratification. Honestly, I agree with him on that but it also has its advantages. He is missing out on a chance to engage people and spread his message in a new medium. Personally, I hope he changes his mind and becomes more involved.