My Thoughts On Today’s SCOTUS Decision

A little background:

Today the Supreme Court of the United States handed down a decision of 5-4 against certain provisions of the Defense of Marriage Act that were deemed unconstitutional by keeping certain legal rights from same sex couples in States where gay marriage is legal.   Along with that California’s Proposition 8 referendum was vacated 5-4 due to the Defense of Marriage Act ruling making gay marriage legal there.

It is a conflicting day for me as a conservative.  On one hand the small government side of me does not see anything wrong with same sex couples being able to have full legal rights in States where civil unions and gay marriage is already allowed.  On the other hand even disregarding that as a Christian homosexuality is a sin, marriage is a religious and societal construct that signifies a commitment of love between a man and a woman to be male and female role models for their children.  Today’s decision also opens the door for other alternative marriage such as polygamy which is already gaining momentum in certain areas.  It isn’t a road that most of us ever thought would come to pass. 

Overall though, today’s decision does little to change what has already been decided in certain States although it will certainly lead to a push for more same sex marriage laws.  Another troubling side effect of today’s decision is that in the case of Prop 8 the Supreme Court has gutted the referendum process that gave citizens a process in which to reprimand their elected officials against what they think is bad legislation.  So basically now citizens have completely lost power in the government until election time.  All they can do now is fight, albeit without any real legal power, against activist judges and politicians while hoping those they elected stand up for them.


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