The GOP No Longer Represents Conservatives


These past few months have been an eye-opener for me as a conservative.  I have both supported an establishment Republican for President who at first I was steadfastly against and later on lost faith in people I once trusted to be conservative.  If you are an actual conservative then your choices in leadership are dwindling fast.

Senator Marco Rubio told reporters today that he thinks the politics of immigration reform are ‘overrated'(  That is kind of funny since he was elected with Tea Party support yet seems to be going against them by supporting a bill that will grant amnesty to roughly 12 million Democrat voters if not more in the long run.  On the bill he joins reliably weak-willed RINOs like John McCain and Lindsey Graham along with other disappointing allies like Kelly Ayotte and Bob Corker  in essentially destroying the party.

This coupled with usually dependable Michelle Bachmann calling NSA whistle-blower Edward Snowden a ‘traitor’ for essentially exposing the government to the American people.  This one is especially puzzling since Bachmann’s Tea Party roots were essentially a big “F-ck You” to the establishment government that steps on the civil liberties that Snowden sought to protect.  Supporting an authoritarian regime over a citizen seemingly trying to do the right thing(although I admit his methods were questionable at best) is something I thought I would never see her do.

There are still some good ones though such as Tea Partiers Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Justin Amash and Mike Kelley.  Rand Paul launched a high profile filibuster this year that united both Democrats and Republicans alike against the Obama regime’s drone policy.  Ted Cruz stalwartly defended the 2nd Amendment against gun grabber Diane Feinstein and has vowed to issue amendments to the immigration bill that will expose the hypocrisy of the left on immigration reform.  However, these people are considered outcasts in the GOP with the ever-relevant John McCain labeling them “wacko birds” in a HuffPo interview earlier this year.  Sadly, the Tea Party are considered the radical, fringe exception to the establishment rule in the GOP.

My call on conservatives in the coming months and years is to take notes whether mentally or on paper on who is supporting anti-conservative bills and policies such as this Gang of 8 immigration bill.  Also, take notes of interviews with these politicians and see who is calling whistle-blowers like Edward Snowden traitors while claiming to be conservative.

I know a lot of conservatives who want us all to just go along to get along with other Republicans so we can stand together against the left but what are we really standing against if our own are supporting the same progressive policies that the left are like this immigration bill?  The way I see it is in order to have a chance to defeat progressivism we have to weed out our own progressive snakes or we will still be slaves to this authoritarian government no matter which party is in charge.


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